Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lab 1 at St. Mary's

Lab 1 at St. Mary's was a lot of fun. My group Duck, Duck, Goose decided to play bean bag balance, which was an obstacle course, and the kids had to balance the bean bag on a part of their body throughout the course. Their was five parts to the course, first they had to pick up a stuffed ball and throw it through a hola-hoop. They then walked to the challenge which was bouncing a basketball ten times, with the bean bag still balancing somewhere. That was probably what the kids had the hardest time with. The next challenge was to balance on one foot for ten seconds, and they did pretty well with that I was kind of surprised. After that, the kids walked over to the next challenge which was to kick a soccer ball through the cones, and finally they had to go through a long tunnel, where they had to crawl for about 5 feet. The hard part of this whole course was reminding the kids to keep balancing the bean bag, everytime it fell off their body, they would just pick it up and run to the next challenge.
After our games we went downstairs to the cafeteria where the kids ate snacks, then played board games, legos, and other kid games. I helped the kids build lego ships and helped one girl build a robot. It was interesting to be at a lower level with the kids because they use their imaginations to make cool things. At the end of the day, we played a cool exercise called shaking your silly's out. This was fun because by the end of the day you really do just need to shake it all out, and it was really good for the kids to. It was a great experience for Lab #1.

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  1. Nice job Joe,
    You really challenged the children in this lab. It is good to have many variations as you did for your games, but also know a few more that you can you in setting like the cafeteria. Remember they play those same games downstairs try to make their time fun while your there.