Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bullying in schools

A major problem in today's school system is bullying. Students who are bigger or popular, think it's OK to make fun of another student. It's not just the high school setting where this is taking place, middle and elementary schools are having to deal with this as well. In some cases, it's in the younger age's where the students are most out of control. Playgrounds, hallways, parking lots, are all places that bullies can be which puts a lot of stress on that student who is being bullied. As teachers in that school, you need to be aware of what is going on between your students so they all can have the same chance to succeed academically. Along with bullying, there is now cyber-bullying which is the newest form for kids to torment other's in there class. Personally, I know about cyber-bullying from my little sister. While in sixth grade, she had students sending her messages on AOL and through e-mails saying harmful things about her and our family. Of course my mother printed out the messages and took them to the police where they handled the situation. It's little situation's like that, that can get out of control to the point where parents have to get involved because there child is being made fun of by classmates. At that age it is terrible to see how kids can act and treat other's just for joy.
Unfortunately, bullying is not a new issue, it has been around for decades if not longer. All over colleges (fraternities/ sororities), there is hazing and bullying as part of 'rituals' for students to be accepted. (Something I've never understood, but people do it) At the high school level, student on the varsity squad can pick on younger freshman in most cases. In this short video below, the news reporter shows two young men who were on the Valencia High School Football team, who sexually assaulted another teammate who was younger than them.

Why anybody would want to be harmful to there own teammate is beyond me. A team is supposed to be a unit, as in all together for the same cause, to achieve the same goal. Apparently this team had some issues, on and off the field that should have been recognized earlier from either coach's or faculty in the school. Once again, this is not only happening in this school. All across the country kids are being bullied, and adults are turning their head the other way. Another video that I came across was done from a middle school called Long Branch. I think it's neat how these kids got together to make a music video for something they believe in, and something that can definitely make a difference for young kids.
Schools across the country have to stand up and make a difference together, rather than trying to do it individually. Personally, I have seen bullying in schools first hand while doing my 255 experience at a high school in Putnam County. The child being picked on was a quiet kid, but while I was there, I made sure this student had a fun time in class and was not bothered by others. In that situation, students cannot concentrate to their full potential because they are constantly thinking about what the bully is going to do next. As a teacher, having the power to do something about it and not look the other way is part of our job. Hopefully in the future, bullying and hazing will be a rare occurrence if any at all.

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