Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coach K going for the most wins in Division 1

Recently,Duke University basketball head coach, Mike Krzyzewski tied the infamous Bob Knight with the most wins by a coach in men's division 1 NCAA basketball. With 902 wins, coach K will go for 903 tonight against an underrate Michigan state team. It's going to be a battle for both teams, but if I had to choose, I would say Duke will win this game for themselves and for their legendary coach. Personally, I feel like coach K is different from other coach's in the sense that hes very humble when coaching in game situations. Recently I was watching an interview with coach K and Bob Knight and they were discussing how his techniques came about. Some people may not know, but Mike Krzyzewski was a fairly good basketball player where he played at West Point Academy under coach Bob Knight. During the interview coach K talks about his experience playing at that school and for coach knight. Coach K says that he got a two for own experience because he got a chance to play for one of the best coach's of all time, and go to one of the best disciplinary schools in the world; both which are very true. West Point showed him how to be responsible, take control and be a leader, which are some of his best traits as a person/coach. While interviewing coach Knight, he was discussing coach K as a basketball player. Mike Krzyzewski was a leader on the court, playing at the point guard position. He wasn't the best shooter, but made great passes and controlled the game. His basketball intelligence led him to the starting position, along with his intense basketball skills. Coach K knew what he had to do to make his teammates better, which led to them being pretty successful. Shortly after coach K graduated from the academy, he got the head coaching position for the men's basketball team at West Point. For several years coach proved him self to be a great coach as well, and his near future was definitely a bright one. In 1980, Duke University sign Mike Krzyzewski as their men's basketball head coach. His team was thin with talent, but after he was given a chance to recruit his own players, he did it the right way. His second year at Duke, he had the best recruiting class ever, and put Duke on the map for good. Success has gradually come for coach K and now he is at the top of the list. Winning several national championships, with his most recent in 2010, coach K will attempt to set a new record, one for himself. Tonight at 7:00 pm in the worlds most famous arena, a.k.a Madison Square Garden, Duke battles Michigan State, each time fighting for a strong start to their season.

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