Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Joe Paterno's Last Run

After 62 years of coaching NCAA football at Pennsylvania State University, as either a head coach or assistant coach, Joe Paterno will more or less be asked to leave after this season. Beginning this week, there were huge rumors and controversies discussing Paterno's future at Penn State. It all started with his weekly press conference being cancelled by the athletic department. In 2009, Paterno got into his 44th consecutive head coaching job at Penn State, and is currently holding the lead for most season's ever coached. It may seem impossible to overcome, but only time will tell. With Joe Paterno on his way out, who will become the next Penn State football coach, or better yet, what will Joe Paterno do with his spare time? These questions cannot be asnwered until after this season is over, but i know reporters and television stations everywhere will be awaiting those answers. Below, are some statistics about Joe Paterno's legacy at Penn State University. Paterno holds the record for most bowl wins with 24 and bowl appearances with 37. He also coached Penn State to 39 winning seasons. He is the only coach with the distinction of having won each of the current four major bowls -- Rose, Orange, Fiesta, and Sugar. Paterno has also led Penn State to two national championships (1982 and 1986) and five undefeated seasons (1968, 1969, 1973, 1986 and 1994). He won Coach of the Year honors by the AFCA five times (1968, 1978, 1982, 1986 and 2005). On May 16, 2006, Paterno was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame' ( Along with his great legacy, goes something overlooked by most people in the sport world today. All over college football are allegations that teams are cheating to recruit by using any means possible. These teams were breaking the rules by giving cars, money, clothes, housing to these athletes so they would attend their school. However at Penn State, Joe Paterno has had no NCAA violations that set his team back by any means, and has had a student-athlete mentality rather than athlete-student like most big division one universities. Paterno's coaching style is one of a kind, and as the years go on, that becomes more and more obvious. During his press conferences he's a very quite, subtle man who is actually quite funny. During an ESPN film called, Difference Makers, Penn State coach Joe Paterno and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski talk about there experiences and strategies they used while trying to become a coach, and some of there philosophies while being head coach. Below I am posting a video which is an introduction to this film Difference Makers. Unfortunately ESPN would not allow people to embed there videos so I had to find an alternative. Hopefully this will interest you to watch the full interview online.

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