Sunday, December 13, 2009

Showtime in Park

On Thursday I had the chance to check out the best portfolio's around. These were some of the nicest, and well put together portfolio's I have ever seen. It was really helpful that they actually went to Cortland, so all the questions I had they had great answers. One portfolio I was looking at that was very catching because she used lots of colors that were separated perfectly so everything was easy to look up. I took a picture of her table to contents because it was very well put together and it helped when I was looking through it. Another guy I got the chance to speak with, had a different kind of portfolio. Instead of having it in a binder like everyone Else's, he had an online portfolio which was very impressive. We talked for awhile and he told me about how you have to pay a yearly fee for the website, but it was around 50%, which is well worth a good looking portfolio. He told me that this is probably going to be the future, in terms of portfolio's, because it can be seen by so many more people. When putting it together, he said it was just like making a blog, and that theirs different templates, and text boxes that you can add. Another thing that I thought was interesting about the online portfolio is that it's a totally different style, and that can attract a lot of positive attention, that other's may not get because it's the regular style. Just by walking around and talking to these people, I learned a lot about how I want my portfolio to start looking. After seeing all these nicely put together portfolio's it really makes me want to have mine looking just as good if not better. Talking to them about what artifacts I should put in their, and how to go about putting mine together. Overall I learned a lot from going to the showcase, and got a lot of great idea's for my personal portfolio.

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