Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Coaching Philosophy

III. Coaching Philosophy

            Throughout my lifetime, athletics have been a huge part of my life, giving me the opportunity to interact with others, develop my skills, and find lifetime hobbies.  As a coach, I believe in 4 ideas that help me successfully develop my teams which are: practice harder than you play, respect others like you would like to be respected, design practices for optimal use, and provide my students with enough knowledge, skills, plays and corrective feedback to become successful in that sport.

            As a coach, I believe that the work you put in during practice, relates directly to game play.  Being able to conduct a practice that is working on the needs of each player will benefit the team.  Similar to an educator, the coach is responsible for making sure his team knows the plays and rules before they get to an actual game.  Doing drills where the team is working together to accomplish a task, will help make them become a better overall team.  It’s the coach’s job to make sure his players are practicing hard, but at the same time correcting and improving their skills.

            In athletics respect is a huge characteristic that some people have, and some don’t.  As coach, I will make sure my team is respectful to themselves, to myself, and to the opposing team.  It’s important that the players know, sports are about the experience, not the win or loss.  During practice time would be great to reinforce the rule, respect others how you want to be respected. 

            While coaching any sport, it’s important to plan ahead so the practice runs as smoothly as possible.  Depending on the school, the athletic facility may be good or in poor condition, either way, it’s the coach’s responsibility to optimize his facility and equipment for maximum participation.  The coach needs to be evaluating their player’s strengths and weaknesses throughout practice and games, which will then decide what needs to be worked on during future practices. 

            One of the most crucial parts of being a coach, is being able to recognize what the athlete is doing wrong and also able to know the correct way to fix it.  As a coach, you need to give you players enough plays, drills and knowledge about the game so they can become successful.  Being able to tell individual players what to work on or correct, and give them specific drills to do, they can not only work on it in practice, but outside of school as well.

            A coach is not just a leader of the team; they are also educators of the sport.  Having the ability to improve the skills of players is a great motivator to become the best coach possible. 

Philosophy of Physical Education

II. Philosophy of Physical Education        

            As a professional physical educator I believe that all students should be given the necessary knowledge to be able to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  In order to properly physically educate the students, I follow these main ideas; the student should understand basic motor skills and movement patterns,  responsibility of personal and social behaviors, the idea that physical activity is for everyone, and understanding how to maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

            In physical education, basic motor skills and movement patterns are important concepts that should be highly stressed throughout each year.  In most activities, it’s the basic movements that are most relevant and more commonly used.  Everything that is new, must start from the easiest stage and work its way up to more complex.  As a physical educator, I believe it is my job to provide my students with the necessary skills, examples, and demonstrations to become successful.

            Responsibility of personal and social behaviors in each individual should be worked on and developed in the physical education setting, as well as the classroom setting.  Within physical education, students are constantly interacting with others while doing activities.  Activities such as team games work on sportsmanship within classmates, and ultimately create a better learning environment. 

            Being able to create a learning environment where every student is successful and can participate, is an essential part of being a teacher.  In every class, every student should understand that physical activity is for enjoyment, health and social interaction. Creating fun and exciting activities will motivate the students to give their best effort, and want to continue to be physically active.

            It is the physical educator’s responsibility to give every student the necessary knowledge to maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness throughout their lifetime.  Throughout the student’s years in school, they should be constantly learning new ways to stay active in the gymnasium and outside of school.  I believe this is a crucial aspect that needs to be understood by every student.  Through physical education, I will be able to give every student the necessary knowledge and skills to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


Philosophy of Education

I. Philosophy of Education

            As a professional educator I rest my philosophy upon three themes that I follow in order to properly educate my students.  Together, these three themes provide the basis of what I value, what I do, and why I do it as an educator.  These themes are: educating the student is the primary focus, the teacher must create a positive and successful learning environment, as well as adapt each lesson to the needs of the class.

            Throughout every class with your students, they should learn something new and important that relates to that lesson. In school, it is the teacher’s job to find creative ways to stimulate their minds and keep them interested.  As an educator, I feel it is important to create a positive rapport with students as quickly as possible, and be open to suggestions and ideas from the class.

            Creating an environment where students feel comfortable and safe is important because it allows them to relax and fully concentrate on what the teacher is saying.  By adding visual aids on the walls, it will allow the students to learn visually, as well as verbally from the teacher.  I believe it is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure every student has the same opportunity as every other child to have their opinions heard, and respected.  Being able to speak your mind and ask questions knowing it will be respected by others is the type of environment that all teachers should strive for.

            As an educator, I believe it is important to be able adapt each lesson to meet the needs of your students.  Being able to plan separate lessons, but still work on the same focus, is a skill that is essential when teaching.  While creating lessons, it’s important to have as many adaptations as possible, to allow for success in every student.  This is a skill that can be developed as a teacher, and if done effectively can benefit every student.

            My philosophy for education is based on the three themes that I truly believe in and teach by.  If given the opportunity, I believe I can instill every student with knowledge that will better them for the rest of their life.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Why physical education is important to me

Due to the thanksgiving holiday, I was asked many questions regarding my status in school, when I'm graduating, what I will do when I'm done, and why I chose to become a teacher.  My family was hitting me with questions all day trying to figure out what was going on in my life the last three months.  All the questions were easy to answer except when my mom's friend (Who is a physical education teacher) why i wanted to do physical education.  For a few seconds I thought about it, and I actually had several answers.  I want to be able to help young students improve their skills, and I feel like I can connect with all students on any level.  I'm very good with handling kids, and being able to adjust to random situations.  Another reason I wanted to be a physical education teacher is because I love sports and would love to be a coach one day.  My whole life, my Father coached teams, some with me on it, some not.  Being able to be a leader, and having your team look up to u is something I take very seriously.  Being a role model is not something that comes easy, eyes are usually on you.  I feel like if I am given the opportunity, I can be a great role model, and help lead kids in the right direction.  My last answer for the question was, this is something I've always wanted to do.  Not many people can come out of high school and know what they want to do for the rest of their life.  I consider myself lucky to have found a major that fits my personality perfect, and something that I love to do.  One thing my mom always told me is you have to be happy with what your doing.  It doesn't matter how much money your making because if your not happy at work, all that money will be worthless.  Physical education gives me the opportunity to have an impact on people's lives, which is something I love.  Being able to put smiles on people face, or make their day better, doesn't sound like a job, but it's definitely a big factor when teaching.  Throughout my last four and a half years of college, I've never been more sure that this is what I want to do for my career.  Looking back, I would like to thank every teacher I've ever had whether at SUNY Cobleskill or SUNY Cortland.  The day I was accepted to Cortland, changed my life.  I was nervous I would have to change my major, until i got the letter in the mail.  Since then, my goal has been the same; be humble, take it one step at a time, and be myself.  These little reminders everyday help keep me composed when I have a lot of stuff going on, and keep me organized throughout the year.  Being in this major at Cortland, has introduced me to a lifetime of friends and hopefully one day colleagues.  I'm sure I will be seeing my fellow classmates in years to come, and I have SUNY Cortland to thank for that.  My time at this school was priceless, and if I could go back and change ANYTHING, I wouldn't.  Everything happens for a reason; live off your experiences.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coach K going for the most wins in Division 1

Recently,Duke University basketball head coach, Mike Krzyzewski tied the infamous Bob Knight with the most wins by a coach in men's division 1 NCAA basketball. With 902 wins, coach K will go for 903 tonight against an underrate Michigan state team. It's going to be a battle for both teams, but if I had to choose, I would say Duke will win this game for themselves and for their legendary coach. Personally, I feel like coach K is different from other coach's in the sense that hes very humble when coaching in game situations. Recently I was watching an interview with coach K and Bob Knight and they were discussing how his techniques came about. Some people may not know, but Mike Krzyzewski was a fairly good basketball player where he played at West Point Academy under coach Bob Knight. During the interview coach K talks about his experience playing at that school and for coach knight. Coach K says that he got a two for own experience because he got a chance to play for one of the best coach's of all time, and go to one of the best disciplinary schools in the world; both which are very true. West Point showed him how to be responsible, take control and be a leader, which are some of his best traits as a person/coach. While interviewing coach Knight, he was discussing coach K as a basketball player. Mike Krzyzewski was a leader on the court, playing at the point guard position. He wasn't the best shooter, but made great passes and controlled the game. His basketball intelligence led him to the starting position, along with his intense basketball skills. Coach K knew what he had to do to make his teammates better, which led to them being pretty successful. Shortly after coach K graduated from the academy, he got the head coaching position for the men's basketball team at West Point. For several years coach proved him self to be a great coach as well, and his near future was definitely a bright one. In 1980, Duke University sign Mike Krzyzewski as their men's basketball head coach. His team was thin with talent, but after he was given a chance to recruit his own players, he did it the right way. His second year at Duke, he had the best recruiting class ever, and put Duke on the map for good. Success has gradually come for coach K and now he is at the top of the list. Winning several national championships, with his most recent in 2010, coach K will attempt to set a new record, one for himself. Tonight at 7:00 pm in the worlds most famous arena, a.k.a Madison Square Garden, Duke battles Michigan State, each time fighting for a strong start to their season.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Joe Paterno's Last Run

After 62 years of coaching NCAA football at Pennsylvania State University, as either a head coach or assistant coach, Joe Paterno will more or less be asked to leave after this season. Beginning this week, there were huge rumors and controversies discussing Paterno's future at Penn State. It all started with his weekly press conference being cancelled by the athletic department. In 2009, Paterno got into his 44th consecutive head coaching job at Penn State, and is currently holding the lead for most season's ever coached. It may seem impossible to overcome, but only time will tell. With Joe Paterno on his way out, who will become the next Penn State football coach, or better yet, what will Joe Paterno do with his spare time? These questions cannot be asnwered until after this season is over, but i know reporters and television stations everywhere will be awaiting those answers. Below, are some statistics about Joe Paterno's legacy at Penn State University. Paterno holds the record for most bowl wins with 24 and bowl appearances with 37. He also coached Penn State to 39 winning seasons. He is the only coach with the distinction of having won each of the current four major bowls -- Rose, Orange, Fiesta, and Sugar. Paterno has also led Penn State to two national championships (1982 and 1986) and five undefeated seasons (1968, 1969, 1973, 1986 and 1994). He won Coach of the Year honors by the AFCA five times (1968, 1978, 1982, 1986 and 2005). On May 16, 2006, Paterno was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame' (http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/story/4397544) Along with his great legacy, goes something overlooked by most people in the sport world today. All over college football are allegations that teams are cheating to recruit by using any means possible. These teams were breaking the rules by giving cars, money, clothes, housing to these athletes so they would attend their school. However at Penn State, Joe Paterno has had no NCAA violations that set his team back by any means, and has had a student-athlete mentality rather than athlete-student like most big division one universities. Paterno's coaching style is one of a kind, and as the years go on, that becomes more and more obvious. During his press conferences he's a very quite, subtle man who is actually quite funny. During an ESPN film called, Difference Makers, Penn State coach Joe Paterno and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski talk about there experiences and strategies they used while trying to become a coach, and some of there philosophies while being head coach. Below I am posting a video which is an introduction to this film Difference Makers. Unfortunately ESPN would not allow people to embed there videos so I had to find an alternative. Hopefully this will interest you to watch the full interview online.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

One of the greatest video's I have ever seen

Although a little off topic of our textbook, I wanted to post this video to everyone who hasn't seen it before. In a school located in Greece/ Athens, Rochester, NY, a senior in high school, who happened to be a highly functioning autistic, was the varsity basketball team manager. He was loved by the team, coach's and school which is what really made this event so special. His name: Jason McElwain, a highly enthusiastic and motivated manager who would do anything from his teammates and friends. After listening to his players, it sounds like everyone loves his intensity, and loves having him around everyday to help keep the team on track, and help the coach during practices. However, on the last regular season game, the head coach told Jason he will be given the chance to put on an actual uniform and be on the bench. With four minutes left, coach put Jason in the game, praying he would make a basket. It was at this time where everyone started taking a deeper breathe, wondering if this was really the right thing to do. His first shot; missed by a lot. His second shot; missed again. Everyone was itching for Jason to hit a shot, just hoping it would come at this moment. The next time down the court, Jason gets the ball at the three point line and HITS! The crowd goes crazy, and Jason goes on to hit his next 5 shots, making it 6 IN A ROW! Personally, I would like to know how many high school athletes have done that all year because that is extremely hard to do, especially in his situation with everyone watching. It was awesome how Jason's last shot went in at the buzzer so the team rushed the court to celebrate with him which gave me the chills while watching it. People like Jason are the ones who are going to make a change in this world. If you were to watch this video with no sound, I wonder how many people would know he was diagnosed with Autism, and rather think it was a highlight film for a great basketball player. A question I have is, could Jason have played on this team regularly, or was this a fluke? Being involved with a team for such a long period of time and practicing as much as he did, I'm sure his basketball skills were pretty decent. In this situation, Jason looks like the team manager position brings him more joy than sitting on the bench, but that's not for me to say. Another interesting part about this video is the reactions of the faculty and teammates after this happened. The athletic director was stunned and said he will be talking about this moment for the rest of his life. The head coach said he would not have believed it if he didn't see it with his own eyes, and his teammates said he was loved by everyone in the school, definitely the 'popular guy.' At the end of the interview, the announcer said a quote from Jason, "I'm used to feeling different, but not this different." It's different to hear somebody with a disability say that, and be aware of what just happened. He realized that he was autistic and that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that he will never forget. While working with students with disabilities in my adapted physical education class, I can see students who have the capability of doing the same thing as Jason, Being apart of a team, and making a difference on that team, is just as good as being a player. The problem is getting students involved and being accepted in these situations, that probably makes coach's and faculty turn there head and not even try to get these students involved. This just goes to show, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!